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Online Supplier Verification in China

Online Supplier Verification in China

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✅ Who is this service for:

✨For customers who already have a supplier and have doubts that it is a reliable supplier to be able to start buying without rushing

*** ⚠️ This service is an online verification, it does not include a face-to-face visit to the factory or company. If you need a face-to-face visit to the factory, please purchase the face-to-face verification service.

*** ⚠️ VERY IMPORTANT: The fact that it is a reliable or safe supplier does not mean that the supplier does not have errors in the order or sends less or more merchandise of the wrong colors / sizes / models, for this it is recommended to verify the merchandise before shipment, since once the merchandise is exported from China and reaches the destination country, it is very difficult to make a return.

If you need the merchandise verification service, it will be quoted based on the type of product, quantity and details to be verified, for that please contact us via WhatsApp + 52 331157 5882  detail what your need is, and be able to quote you respectively.

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